Today’s find: Haitian hinges

It’s been amazing to hear all the stories this week, as I have prayed—and asked others to pray—for Ellen and her companions during their mission trip to Petit Goave.

Two out of three seem to have a Haiti connection themselves, either of a trip they’ve made…or someone close to them has made…to the impoverished nation. Invariably, they’ve been touched by unexpected encounters—gifts of ‘found spirituality’, given by some of the poorest people on earth.

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Today’s find: Abba

Vacation videos: They’re not for the faint of heart. But every once in a while, a real gem emerges—as was the case a few years ago, when my brother-in-law was showing us clips from his trip to the Holy Land.

He had happened upon a playground in Jerusalem, packed with four- and five-year-olds clambering on a jungle gym—many of them, bleating for attention for their feats of derring-do: “Abba! Abba! Abba!” the kids would shout.

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Today’s find: Sparrows

Today’s find: Sparrows…

Yesterday was ‘laundry day’ at our house, and in the late winter months, that means adding an extra step to the dreary routine. Along with sorting, soaping and spin drying, I also have to make a short trip outside—trudging through the snow and mud to remove the duct tape from the dryer vent opening on the exterior of our home.

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Today’s find: A good measure…

Today’s find: A good measure…

At Mass this morning, we heard one of my favorite passages from the Gospel according the Luke (6:38):

“Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in turn be measured out to you.”

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Today’s find: Court awareness.

Today’s find: Court awareness

My beloved Saint Louis University Billikens won a big game last night—and I had the chance to be among those in the sell-out crowd, thanks to the generosity of one of my best friends in life. As it happens, his seats are directly behind the visiting team’s bench. Most games, that doesn’t matter much…because few of the “away” teams who play the Billikens ever muster much of a crowd.

Last night’s opponent, though, brought a sizeable contingent—several hundred VCU fans, clad in black…and seated right next to us in Section 116. In the basketball scheme-of-things, this game really mattered to them and to us—because at least for now, first place was at stake. And as the game wore on, I was struck by something kind of intriguing.

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Today’s find: The mystery in seeds…

Today’s find: The mystery in seeds…

Seeds are in the news today—soybean seeds. A farmer and a biotechnology giant are tangling over who “owns” the genetically-engineered germplasm in a strain of biotech seeds after the harvest. Or to put the issue another way, can you really patent an item in nature that regenerates on its own?

The legal questions at stake in this dispute are far beyond my pay grade. But I found it intriguing what one lawyer said when asserting the company’s position: “…to suggest that plants just grow themselves is preposterous.”

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