Today’s find: Giving it away

Some of the holiest people I know are those who have encountered Christ through the 12 Steps. (Or more accurately, those who have encountered a Power greater than themselves in and through their programs.)

Among the other holiest people I know on earth are those I have met ‘inside the joint’ through Kairos Prison Ministry in recent years.

Both groups are on my mind and in my heart today.

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Today’s find: The devil (at least for me) is in the details…

Today’s find: The devil (at least for me) is in the details…

I’ve discovered something vexing over the past few days: “free” ≠ “easy”, at least not when it comes to blog publishing software tools.

In theory, I’m down with the idea that a spiritual blog would be a fruitful method of almsgiving for me this Lent.

In practice, this means stretching my digital skillset a bit – so that I can start doing what several friends and relatives have been doing for years: Carve out a parking spot for my writing on the Web. Continue reading