Today’s find: Omega…and Alpha

Omega: As I mentioned on the last day of Lent, ‘Steadfast Spirit 2013’ has been an incredible blessing in my life. But the time has come to call it a wrap, so this will be the final post I make to this blog (although I intend to keep the archive available, if that’s of interest to you).

Alpha: And with the new life of Easter, something is beginning in me, too. I’m not entirely sure what that means, or how it will play out. At least for now, the next step is a new blog of ‘found’ spirituality – called With Us Still. I invite you to follow along…even though I don’t know exactly what I’m inviting you to. More like a ‘regular’ blog than a ‘daily’ blog, perhaps? Of course, the Holy Spirit may have other ideas entirely. But I’m game, if you are.

Is today a day that another gift of ‘found’ spirituality will arrive?

What bounty will the Lord set before us next?

Here’s where you can stay tuned:

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Thanks again for the blessing you have been…and continue to be…in my life!