Today’s find: A pilgrim’s progress

My heart is full on this final day of Lent in 2013. I am overwhelmed by the abundance of ‘found’ spiritual gifts that have been showered on me over the past six weeks. I am humbled, too, by the outpouring of support (both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’) I have received because of this blog.

When I set out on Ash Wednesday, I noted that – due to some particular areas of sinfulness in my life – I had been dreading the start of this holy season.

Now, seen in the rear-view mirror, I realize that it has instead been a time of incredible blessings – a bounty far greater than I ever could have imagined.

Toward the end of his career, the great St. Louis broadcaster Jack Buck was fond of saying, ‘Lord, why have you been so good to me?’ In some respects, I can imagine another man named Simon Peter saying much the same thing.

And here I am, on the last day of this year’s Lenten pilgrimage, echoing their sentiments: ‘You are too good to me, dear Lord. I have done nothing to deserve your constancy, your affection, your faithfulness, your love, your joy, your forgiveness, your encouragement, your daily whispers of inspiration. Yet, there it is, all that and more – a heaping mound of spiritual gifts, piled up at my doorstep. So thank you, Lord…for entrusting them to me. Thank you…for the steadfast spirit you have renewed in me. And help me, Lord, to be a good and faithful steward over these gifts.’

Ah, yes: Stewardship. That’s the other thing tugging at my heart today. From the start, I have believed this blog to be a ‘Lent 2013’ kind of deal. In fact, it’s sort of a promise I made to many of you, when I invited you to read along: Once Easter arrives, this blog goes into “archive” mode — no more updates!’

So, then, what am I to do with the gift that ‘found spirituality’ has become in my life?

On some level, I think it’s important that I keep the promise about ending (and archiving) ‘Steadfast Spirit 2013’. It has been good for me to have made this journey. It is also necessary, I think, that I do not cling to the experience. Like Mary, encountering the risen Christ on Easter morning, I am being stirred to let it go – and perhaps, to let new possibilities emerge in its place.

What does that mean, precisely?  At the moment, I can’t really say. My ears and my heart are open, if the Holy Spirit sends additional nuggets my way during our celebration of Triduum over the next several days.

And after Easter – we’ll just have to see. But whatever emerges, I’ll make it a point to spread the word to those who might be interested, via some sort of ‘final posting’ to ‘Steadfast Spirit 2013’. Until then, let me say thanks again for all the many ways in which you have blessed me – my sisters and brothers in Christ – throughout this holy season.

ImageMay the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all!


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  1. Mike s says:

    Thanks, Job well handled. . . Happy Easter to you and your family

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