Today’s find: A good measure…

Today’s find: A good measure…

At Mass this morning, we heard one of my favorite passages from the Gospel according the Luke (6:38):

“Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in turn be measured out to you.”

I love meditating on these words…

…because I can just imagine the scene when Jesus first said them—walking along the streets of Jerusalem, with his disciples in tow, when they come upon the farmer’s market. And just there, he sees it: A perfect example of what he’s trying to teach them about God’s love  — ‘Look at that flour merchant in the corner stall…how generous he is with his customer! He’s giving her every bit of her money’s worth…and more!’

It’s like Jesus is saying we can–and should–expect our heavenly Father to delight us. He is a ‘baker’s dozen’ God…a God of infinite goodness and bounty.

It reminds me of a bit of wisdom I heard on retreat a few years back. The director made an excellent observation about how oddly the principles of measures and mathematics work…when we willingly share fellowship with another member of the body of Christ. “God’s economics,” he called it: When you share a joy with another, it’s doubled. When you share a burden, it’s cut in half.

Don’t know about you…but that’s a system of weights and measures I can live with!


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  1. Mark Morrell says:


    I just read this message this morning….and boy did I need to hear those words!!!!
    Your point about the effect of sharing our joys and sharing our burdens is so necessary for our team in Kairos Prison Ministry. We face so much joy at times and we need to share it. Likewise, those burdens and setbacks need to be shared to lighten the load. Those burdens keep coming at Menard and I am personally glad I am not dealing with them alone. Thank you.

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